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Contribute to our Bible Translation work by taking part in our Handwritten Bible Project.

The Bible Society of Uganda was officially registered on 24th November 1968, and will make 50 years on 24th Nov 2018.

We therefore decided to celebrate this Golden Jubilee of Bible work in a unique way by re-writing the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible with our own handwriting.

By doing this, we are trying to emulate the ancient scribes. Before modern technology came, scripture was written by scribes who copied from manuscripts.

If there hadn’t been people copying scripture, we most likely would not have the Bible now. We would like Ugandan Christians to get the feel of writing the Bible in their own handwriting. We also believe that this will increase Bible engagement.

Over 30,000 Christians in Uganda and abroad will participate in writing verses and in the process interact more with the Bible. We are also fundraising for a new Bible House.

Each person writing will contribute a minimum of Ugx. 100,000/ 30USD. This will go towards building a new Bible House. With a new Bible House, we hope to get income to help us expand translation work.

There are still many languages without a Bible Translation and yet translation is costly. The writing process kicked off on 24th November 2017.

Every region, tribe, gender and age bracket will be given the opportunity to participate without forgetting the Ugandans in the diaspora.

Be part of History and write a verse. Each writer’s name will go to an index at the back of the Bible against the verse they wrote.

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of Bible Translation in Uganda.