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BSU Diaspora Contribution

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Donation Total: UGX 1,000,000.00

How your contribution Helps BSU

1)Translation of the Bible into Ugandan Local Languages.
On average, a translation project takes about 13 years to complete. The donations you give us help to facilitate these projects.
We have 40+ living languages in Uganda. Only 22 of those have a either a Complete Bible Translation, New Testament or a Bible portion).
Please support us to complete running projects or to start New ones by becoming a Member of BSU.

2) The Blind.
We would like to see blind people interact with the word of God. On average, a Braille Bible costs between 500-600 USD.
Help Blind people access the word of God in Uganda today by subscribing to one of our Membership Categories.

3) The deaf

The deaf people in Uganda do not have a sign language Bible yet. We would like to see them interact with the word of God too.)

4)Faith Comes by Hearing

This is a ministry that sees us distribute Bibles to communities that have either a visual disability but can listen the word of God in groups,
or Prison, Refugee camps and School settings where a group of people come together to listen to the word of God using audio Bibles.

Your Support Makes A Difference.

Please Become a Member today.